Connecting young people with sound opportunities


Youth voice

We aim to influence work within North Yorkshire to be youth-led.

We want to amplify young people’s voices as participants, consultants, young producers, mentors and at governance level as young trustees on AMP’s and other organisations’ boards. We know that begins with our own practice, and how we work with and for young people.

Our Programme Manager Teah recently attended a conference named A Seat At The Table, a day of talks, panels and discussions centred on inclusive practice and youth voice. During this informative day, our attention was brought to a really fitting definition of Youth Voice, taken from a report written by YMCA George Williams College and The Centre For Youth Impact.

“Providing support (i.e., the space, skills and time) for young people to express their views and ideas, and action being taken based on what they say. This practice will result in positive change: in the situation, organisation or context that the young person is sharing their views about (e.g., the services they or others receive), in the young person’s personal development, or both.”

We love the focus here, that “this practice will result in positive change.” This is what we see evidence of in our work. It’s why we hold Youth Voice at the core of what we do and why we support our delivery partners to do the same in their practice.