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Gone in the Air Report 2015

Findings from the our Young People, Music and Rural Isolation research project, conducted in our previous incarnation of NYMAZ in 2015.

Working to develop non-formal, inclusive music activities with children in North Yorkshire for many years, NYMAZ’s work and the way it is delivered has always been characterised by the rural nature of the county. Limited transport options curtail young people’s access to music opportunities and the travel costs for specialist music leaders going to isolated areas can be prohibitive. We are certainly not alone in facing this dual challenge.

Gone in the Air was conceived to learn about and share the experiences and expertise of similar organisations across England. The fnal research report lays out the evidence of the opportunities and challenges faced by young people living in rural areas and of the particular benefts that participatory music can offer to their life chances; a summary of which can be found in the report. Crucially, the research enabled NYMAZ to make policy and practice recommendations which it is intended will spark discussion and infuence the way in which non-formal, inclusive music provision is funded and delivered.

Gone in the Air 2015 Full Report (PDF)

Gone in the Air 2015 Report Summary (PDF)